A day to dye paper

Here’s a sampling of the paper dying I did today. All done on vintage sheet music with the shaving cream method. If you haven’t tried this you really should. Even my kids love to do this. All it takes is some shaving cream (I get it at the dollar store) and food coloring (I use regular colors; blue, red, yellow, green and neon; pink, purple, lime, and blue). Basically, spray the shaving cream on a flat plate or pan, I use a metal baking pan, then drop two or three colors randomly over the shaving cream. Don’t add too much color as you want there to be room to “swirl” the colors. Then “swirl” the colors with something like a skewer, I use the bamboo ones, also purchased at the dollar store, until you get a pattern you like. Lay your sheet of paper on top and gently press the paper on to the shaving cream. Leave in place approximately 1-2 minutes then lift off and lay on counter with shaving cream side up.

This is where it can get messy. Gently wipe the shaving cream off with a paper towel. You will only want to use the paper towel a couple of times as it gets covered pretty quickly. Don’t worry if you smudge the coloring as that only adds to the whole design. Once you’ve removed all the shaving cream lay your paper somewhere that it can dry with out being disturbed. Once the paper dries, have fun using your paper for cards, gift tags, or anything else you can come up with. I’m going to use some of these sheets in a mixed media piece I’m working on. Some will probably show up in some of the origami flowers that I make. I love the way the colors turn out.  Let me know what you think and be sure to report back if you try this technique. I’d really like to see what others do with this. Now go out and create a great day!


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