Is it Thursday already?

Whoa! Where has the last two weeks gone? I finally made the decision to jump into an artisan market the middle of May and things haven’t slowed down since. As a matter of fact things are going warp speed. Don’t laugh, the rush of adrenaline is real. It feels good so have an outside person be excited about your art. However you channel your creativity, having that creativity acknowledged feels great.

This is where the rubber meets the road, so to speak. To that end, I am making flowers like crazy these days and adding some embellishments that are new. The result is another fun floral that people are responding favorably to. My studio/office is filling with origami flowers, floral wire, paper scraps litter the floor and my work table is covered with stuff.

By the way, if you’re local and want to come check out an awesome antique show & artisan market, May 14 & 15 at Expo Idaho. Click here Pickin’ Boise for more info. Stop by and say Hi if you are there. Please share if you don’t mind.

Now go out and create a great day!



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