I love paper!

Went to pick up some more wire and came home with some new paper. So this morning I’ve been making petals and then flowers. Preparations are in full swing for Pickin’ Boise: antique show & artisan market, May 14 & 15. Click Here for information on it.


So here’s a look at how things are right now. There always seems to be bits & pieces on my work table. This environment keeps the creative juices flowing. My office/studio is one of the first places I go in the morning after breakfast. I work for a little while during the get ready for school time. Once the boys are off to school and it’s just me and the dogs, I make a cup of tea, turn up the music and get down to business.

Seeing other artist’s studios is fascinating to me. It’s gives all of us a glimpse into how they work, what they have close at hand, and what type of cool inspiration they have around them. I’m thinking that a post showing my office/studio should be on the list in the not too distant future. Where do you work on your creative projects? I’d love to see your creative space, so share in the comments if you dare.

That’s it for now. When I get these flowers done and more, I’ll post some pictures. For now, go out and create a great day!


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