Creative Flash!

You know what a hot flash is, right? When you get one you stand in front of the fan, wave a magazine to fan yourself, or take off a piece of clothing provided you aren’t out in public. Well, do you know that a creative flash is similar. The only difference is that when it hits you can’t just fan yourself and it goes away. No, that isn’t going to cut it. When I get a “creative flash” I have to get to the work table and create the idea that I just had.

After a few days of brainstorming on the fly with my networking group and some gals at the event I was at on Saturday, I had the whole day today to spend in my studio working on several “creative flashes”. What a wonderful day! Nothing but lots of different paper, some glue, and a rockin’ playlist on iTunes to occupy my time. What you are seeing here it only the start of what is blooming.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out. I think I’ll spend tomorrow working on flowers too. What better way to spend a day…

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