Developing New Floral Designs


It has been a while coming to this. A flower made from a waterproof material. After some product research and playing with some different techniques, above is the result. A large 7″ flower made of oilcloth
  1. fabric treated on one side with oil to make it waterproof.
    • a canvas coated with linseed or other oil and used to cover a table or floor.
      plural noun: oilcloths; plural noun: oil-cloths


There are so many beautiful patterns available in oilcloth. I can’t wait to get some more in to make more flowers. Although oilcloth is harder to work with and it takes about triple the time to make each petal, the response has been outstanding. People love this new look and the fact that it can withstand some rain too!


Also in the works, some sports related designs and a couple different origami flowers.

I am very excited and encouraged by the response to my florals. I love making them and finding new papers. Each time I see some sort of paper the first thing that comes to my mind is “hmmm, I wonder how that would look as a flower”. It’s getting crazy in my little studio/office with all the paper.

Here’s another flower made from stone paper. That’s right, it’s paper made from stone. It’s the coolest thing; sort of slick feeling, flexible without creasing, & completely amazing.

So stay tuned for more new creations! Ciao!!