Happy Spring!

IMG_2523After a long winter with much snow and cold, I am excited about Spring with all it’s warmth and colors! The trees here are budding and some are even leafing out now. This season it all about newness, starting over, freshness, second chances & colors! Lots of bright vibrant colors. There are some new creative ideas that will blossom in the coming months that I will be sharing. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I recently finished up this custom flower ball and wanted to share it with you. See this isn’t just another flower ball, it is meant to honor a loved one that has recently passed away. When I was contacted about creating something that would be a beautiful reminder of the mother recently lost I was very humbled. You see, I had a creative vision that these pieces of art I create would be a lovely lasting reminder of a dear one who had passed on. However, until I got this call, it was only a thought, a vision. Now it is a beautiful expression from a caring friend of a life that should be cherished, loved & remembered often.