Event Tomorrow

This is where I will be tomorrow. If you’re local, in the Boise area, come by and say hi! The address is 5892 W. Hidden Springs Drive, Boise, ID 83714 from 9 am – 5pm. Lots of handmade items for you to view and purchase. Including some lovely origami delights by yours truly.


Happy Spring!

IMG_2523After a long winter with much snow and cold, I am excited about Spring with all it’s warmth and colors! The trees here are budding and some are even leafing out now. This season it all about newness, starting over, freshness, second chances & colors! Lots of bright vibrant colors. There are some new creative ideas that will blossom in the coming months that I will be sharing. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, I recently finished up this custom flower ball and wanted to share it with you. See this isn’t just another flower ball, it is meant to honor a loved one that has recently passed away. When I was contacted about creating something that would be a beautiful reminder of the mother recently lost I was very humbled. You see, I had a creative vision that these pieces of art I create would be a lovely lasting reminder of a dear one who had passed on. However, until I got this call, it was only a thought, a vision. Now it is a beautiful expression from a caring friend of a life that should be cherished, loved & remembered often.


You’ll be seeing stars!

It has been a wonderful pre-holiday time for me in the studio. I have gone star crazy! These 5-point stars are so fun to make. I am still experimenting  with different papers and adding some glitz. Check back and see what I’m up to. For now here’s a peek at some –

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If you have something specific in mind send me a message and let’s see what I can do. This includes special orders. Do you have some sheet music or a cookbook that was great grandma’s? I can make florals or star ornaments for each of your siblings/grandchildren or maybe you want a garland made from your children’s drawing or art projects. If it’s on a sheet of paper I can more than likely make you a star or flower(s).

In the mean time check back for updates, including the grand opening of my Esty shop. Opening January 2017!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa!



It’s beginning to look a lot like . . .

I’ve been busy working on some new items. Here are some 5-point stars perfect for decorating your home for the holidays. The stars in the photos are 3.5″ & 6″.

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Also new are these petal boxes, perfect for holding a special gift, using as a cup for treats on your holiday table setting, or for confetti/bird seed at a wedding reception. The options for sizing are endless. These pretty boxes are 2″ – 3.5″ with the petals ranging from 5″ to 6.75″.

Even with the pace of life getting hectic with Thanksgiving fast approaching, I love being able to spend some time each day playing with paper and coming up with new origami designs. The act of folding and bringing the paper to life is very relaxing and zen for me. Stay tuned as there are more new items on the horizon. Have a beautiful day!

Getting ready for Fallapoolza

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Greetings. Paper is flying in my studio this week as I finish up getting ready for Fallapoolza here in Boise, Idaho. If you’re in the Boise area here’s a link to the event information. The Halloween flowers are so fun & cute and I love how the witches hats and pumpkin turned out. Also, I’ll have a couple of fall/halloween wreaths showcasing my origami flowers and arrangements that will be available for purchase.

The creative juices have been flowing the last couple of weeks which is hard to keep up with. So many ideas to put into reality, beautiful new origami shapes to explore, and a variety of lush papers to try.

Readying myself for an event is usually frantic right up till the end, but this time I am very calm and relaxed. I attribute this to my practice of meditation each morning. This is a new practice for me and it has had  a major positive impact on my creativity as well as the flow of positive energy from my life.

Enjoy the slide show above and I’ll update with more photos of new items soon.


“An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail.” Dr. Edwin Land



These flowers just keep growing…

It has been a busy summer so far! I’ve been traveling some and on my travels I’ve had my eyes out for new and interesting papers. Here’s a peak at what I’ve found

This is a vintage map of the US, dated 1939! Can’t wait to get this folded up and blooming. 

I picked up an old wallpaper sample book the other day. These are some of the textural papers that were inside. The flowers from these will make spectacular accent pieces for any home or office setting. Stay tuned for new flowers soon. 

Developing New Floral Designs


It has been a while coming to this. A flower made from a waterproof material. After some product research and playing with some different techniques, above is the result. A large 7″ flower made of oilcloth
  1. fabric treated on one side with oil to make it waterproof.
    • a canvas coated with linseed or other oil and used to cover a table or floor.
      plural noun: oilcloths; plural noun: oil-cloths


There are so many beautiful patterns available in oilcloth. I can’t wait to get some more in to make more flowers. Although oilcloth is harder to work with and it takes about triple the time to make each petal, the response has been outstanding. People love this new look and the fact that it can withstand some rain too!


Also in the works, some sports related designs and a couple different origami flowers.

I am very excited and encouraged by the response to my florals. I love making them and finding new papers. Each time I see some sort of paper the first thing that comes to my mind is “hmmm, I wonder how that would look as a flower”. It’s getting crazy in my little studio/office with all the paper.

Here’s another flower made from stone paper. That’s right, it’s paper made from stone. It’s the coolest thing; sort of slick feeling, flexible without creasing, & completely amazing.

So stay tuned for more new creations! Ciao!!

Creative Flash!

You know what a hot flash is, right? When you get one you stand in front of the fan, wave a magazine to fan yourself, or take off a piece of clothing provided you aren’t out in public. Well, do you know that a creative flash is similar. The only difference is that when it hits you can’t just fan yourself and it goes away. No, that isn’t going to cut it. When I get a “creative flash” I have to get to the work table and create the idea that I just had.

After a few days of brainstorming on the fly with my networking group and some gals at the event I was at on Saturday, I had the whole day today to spend in my studio working on several “creative flashes”. What a wonderful day! Nothing but lots of different paper, some glue, and a rockin’ playlist on iTunes to occupy my time. What you are seeing here it only the start of what is blooming.

Can’t wait to see how this turns out. I think I’ll spend tomorrow working on flowers too. What better way to spend a day…